Paragliding in winter

Paragliding in winter

Activité Parapente en hiver en Savoie proche de Séez

Paragliding in winter is an activity particularly developed nearby the apartment Location Paradiski San Bernardo located in Séez village in the Savoy region. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the majestic alpine scenery from a completely different perspective.

The stunning landscape seen from the air will make your adventure unforgettable. Gliding above snow-covered mountains, forests, and valleys provides an exhilarating sense of freedom and awe that is hard to match.

The activity starts from 5 years old (minimum weight: 18 kg/39 lbs; maximum: 95 kg/209 lbs). It does not have an age limit, making it an inclusive adventure for all ages. A signed authorization from the parents will be required for participants under 18 to ensure safety and consent.

A medical certificate is not necessary, simplifying the process for eager adventurers. However, it’s always advisable to be in good health and inform the instructors of any pre-existing conditions.

As the activity is subject to the weather forecast, departure points and times may vary. This flexibility ensures that you get the best possible experience under optimal conditions.

In wintertime, the departure is usually from Sainte Foy ski resort (it takes around 10/15 minutes by car to go there from the apartment). The meeting spot will be at the foot of a ski lift (a Google map with the exact address will be sent to you). The season starts between the beginning and the middle of December and finishes at the end of April, providing a long window to experience this breathtaking activity.

Paragliding in summer is also a stunning activity to discover. Click here to get additional info. You will not stop admiring the Tarentaise valley with no skis on your feet! The lush green landscapes, combined with the warm weather, make for a different but equally amazing experience.

If you are lucky, you may watch the local fauna: bearded vulture, ibex, chamois, and eagle. These sightings add an extra layer of excitement and connection to nature during your flight.

For the full details, visit Laurent page Tarentaise Evasion. He provides comprehensive information and booking options for both summer and winter paragliding experiences.

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